Trinidad and Tobago record more cases of the Delta variant


BROOKLYN,NY – Trinidad and Tobago has recorded three more cases of the Delta variant of the coronavirus (COVID-19) as other Caribbean countries also reported deaths and new positive instances linked to the virus over the last weekend.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Health noted that the Delta variant was detected in a non-national who traveled to Trinidad from Venezuela, an unvaccinated minor, and an unvaccinated adult; the last two have not traveled in or out of the country recently. As a result, the ministry said that the total number of Delta cases here is 10.

In the statement, the ministry said epidemiological investigations are continuing into the source of the transmissions for the unvaccinated minor and the unvaccinated adult.

It said all three patients had been placed in isolation “until the enhanced discharge criteria for persons with Covid-19 variants of concern is achieved. Contact tracing, testing, and quarantining of contacts have been initiated.

“Additionally, evidence indicates that individuals who have contracted this variant may be prone to an increased risk of severe illness and hospitalization. This variant may also lead to an increase in cases of COVID-19 in younger age groups and in those who have been previously affected,” the release stated.

Meanwhile, the country’s death toll from the virus is now 1 416 after three people died over the past 24 hours.

In its COVID-19 update, the ministry noted that there were 123 new cases of the virus, pushing the total number of positive points to 48,523 since March 1 last year.

There have been 43,059 patients who have recovered, while there are 280 patients in hospital, 60 in step-down facilities, and 3,585 in home isolation. There are also an additional 150 people in state-quarantine facilities.

Suriname reports 225 new cases and two deaths linked to the coronavirus in the past 24 hours, bringing the number for September to 84 deaths and the total number since March 2020 to 805.

The authorities said that there are now 92 people hospitalized, 23 of whom are in the ICU. One hundred eighty people have been declared cured. Since March 2020, 36,971 people have tested positive for the coronavirus, of whom 26,611 were said cured. Currently, 4,973 positively tested people are in isolation.

Guyana has recorded 12 COVID-19 related deaths, with eight of them being unvaccinated, three partially vaccinated, and one unknown.

The Ministry of Public Health said that the new deaths are:

  • Two men, ages 82 and 56, from Region Four.
  • A man and a woman, ages 70 and 71, respectively, from Region Two.
  • Three men ages 74, 57, and 47 and three women, ages 72, 60, and 68 from Region Three and a 74-year-old woman from Region Six.

This takes the total number of deaths from the pandemic to 725 and that for the first 19 days of September, a total of 100 persons have died so far.  The authorities said that the data also reflects the highest number of deaths recorded in a single month since the pandemic hit these shores in March 2020.

Additionally, 208 new COVID-19 infections were recorded from 1 750 tests, taking the number of confirmed cases to 29 553. To date, 25 000 persons have recovered from the virus.

There are 33 patients in the COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit, 158 are in institutional isolation, and 3 637 are in home isolation.

St. Lucia reported 85 new cases of COVID-19 on Sunday from a total of 278 samples. These new cases bring the total number of patients diagnosed in the country to date to 10 605.

The Ministry of Health and Wellness said that it had also received confirmation of the recovery of 205 individuals diagnosed with COVID-19, bringing the number of active cases in the country to 2274. Three of these complicated cases are critical, and twelve of them are severely ill at the Respiratory Hospital.

In Barbados, 74 people, including 39 females, are the latest COVID-19 cases from 1,759 tests conducted on Saturday.

The 74 new cases comprise 11 persons under 18 and 62 who are 18 years and older.  The age of one person is unknown, and there are currently 837 persons in isolation.

Since the pandemic’s start, Barbados has recorded 6,527 confirmed cases of viral illness (3,261 males and 3,266 females) and 58 deaths.


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