Third party tremors (again)


The announcement by  former Starbucks’ Chairman–Howard Schultz that he is considering a run for U.S.President in 2020, has immediately prompted calls to him to DESIST, because many are contending that any run from him”would guarantee a Trump return to Office.”

Many prominent Democrats (including former Mayor–Mike Bloomburg, who is himself considering a Presidential run on the Democratic-Party’s ticket) are calling on the 65-year old Seattle Billionaire to abandon his thoughts of running (for President) as an Independent.

It is also being pointed out that the Presidential-displays of the present inexperienced businessman-politician would not encourage voters to duplicate that mistake in November, 2020.

The common feeling is that Mr.Schultz is going to siphon off enough votes from the eventual Democratic Party Candidate to hand another electoral victory to Mr.Trump in 2020.

Author/Journalist-David Cay Johnston is emphasizing”Mr.Schultz’s run will make it possible for Trump to win a second term, by diverting a few million votes from the Democratic-Party’s Nominee.”



Apart from calls to Mr. Schultz to DESIST, Senators–Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are once more pointing out how “money is dictating political fortunes and opportunities in the United States of America.”

They are particularly concerned about how(i) any rich individual could enter a Presidential or Congressional race without any organizational/party structure, record, exposure or experience to community-work or associations with helping needy populations; and/or (ii) is the the case with the current President who is serving in the White-House without any type of (political) apprenticeship.

President Trump did admit during a Press-Conference that was facilitated on Friday, February 15th, that ‘he was ,displaying changing postures on issues and topics, because he never did that type of job before; and that he was learning while on the job.’}

The two Senators have also been citing examples of how rich persons (who dominate the commanding heights of the American economy) could continue to gain and accumulate their wishes, favors and desires by simply making direct or indirect financial/resource contributions to political-parties; electoral-candidates; elected-officials; or through the utilization of Lobbyists.

Mr. Scultz did not help himself much in responding to those accusations, because he has been fervently confronting calls for Millionaires or Billionaires to pay increased taxes.

–In fact, Mr.Schultz feels that instead of being called Millionaires or Billionaires, such

fortunate persons should be referred to as “persons of means”

Mr.Schultz has also been (publicly) striving to point out the Mal-effects that calls for expanded Medicaid/Medicare, or Universal Health Care would have on the economy.



Though Mr. Schultz in his initial media-campaigns has been attacking Mr.Trump’s Management styles and actions, and how he planned to confront him on the campaign-trail(s), he has not yet been able to point out to the detractors how he would not divert attention and votes from the Democratic-Party’s Presidential-Candidate.

Concerned supporters and well-wishers of the Democratic Party can however ‘take heart’ from recent public indications that two former Republican Governors–William Weld and John Kasich are considering runs against the current President.

I am certain that the qualitative Strategists within the Democratic-Party are fertilizing tactics in order to massage competitors to mount contests against Mr.Trump, as well as how to grow splits within the ranks of the Republican Party.

Whichever way Mr.Schultz decides to go, I am reminded of the saying, that “there is  no wrong time to do the right thing.”

In summary, (i).. it is not surprising that Mr. Trump is egging on a run by Mr. Schultz as an Independent Candidate; neither is it surprising that opposition-researchers have started to produce data on some of the (inhumane) business-practices of Mr.Schultz.

(ii) Investigative-personnel are calling on Mr.Schultz to identify his paths to out right victory, as well as how his entrance and participation in the Presidential race would not strip away enough votes from the Democratic-Party  and enable a Trump re-election via the Electoral College.


Several are keeping pace

with the Presidential race

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