Statement of Well Wishes for CM Farah Louis

Council Member Farah Louis (D-Brooklyn), Chair of the New York City Council Committee on Mental Health, Disabilities, and Addictions

 by Lou Cespedes 

Earlier today I learned Council Member Farah Louis was in a horrific car accident. From news reports it appears her car was t-boned by a motorcycle driver at an intersection along Kings Highway. She was rushed to the hospital where she was listed in serious condition.

Campaigns are hard fought. In the heat of election season, we know things are said and done that don’t always pair with our persons. There is an active campaign for the 45th Council District seat through the general election, but now is not the time for campaigning. What is important now is not the campaign, but CM Farah Louis’ recovery. As a resident and constituent, on behalf of my family and the Caribbean Times, we ask the Lord for his hand, and we ask Him for her restoration to health, both physical and mental, as well as that of the other driver.

This chapter in our district could serve to highlight the frequency and ever-present danger of vehicular accidents in our community. The risk drivers, pedestrians, and cyclist face every day from speeding and reckless driving are tangible and real. It is unfortunate that accidents like this must serve to highlight awareness to the unfulfilled mandate of “Vision Zero” in our community. We are surrounded by heavily congested thoroughfares where accidents are frequent, and where life is endangered for simply crossing the street. Our residents and our children deserve safe streets. Certainly, Kings Highway is one of the most dangerous crossings I’ve come across when biking in Brooklyn. It could’ve been me with my child on our bike. It could be anyone. We are relieved the outcome of this accident was not worse, and that she is getting the medical attention she needs.

To the family and loved ones of CM Farah Louis, my family offers our best wishes and support at this time. We anticipate and hope for her full and speedy recovery, and we look forward to getting back into the business of engaging our community in due time. 


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