Statement from Anthony Beckford regarding recent Police Brutality Incident


Statement from Anthony Beckford regarding the NYPD brutalizing an innocent Black Man on the Train:
“On July 6, 2021, around 6 pm, 6 to 7 NYPD Officers swarmed, ganged up on, and tased an innocent Young Black Man by the name of David Crowell, who committed no crime and was unarmed. This incident occurred at the West 116th 2/3 train station in Manhattan. The NYPD officers made it seem as if Mr. Crowell did not pay his $2.75 fare when in fact, he did. Mr. Crowell told officers that he did, and witnesses on the train told them the same thing, but the officers did not hesitate to brutalize and falsely arrest him. After I posted the video, which has garnered over 2 Million views and has gained mass media attention, the NYPD finally admitted that Mr. Crowell did pay his fare and that their officers went after him for “taunting” them. This is a clear example of abuse of power and further validates the calls for Justice and Accountability. The City Council has failed to pass any meaningful legislation to prevent further police brutality, reallocate $1 Billion of the militarized budget of the NYPD, and even decided to provide $200 Million more to their budget.
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I am demanding the Mayor and NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea, to release the names and badge numbers of all officers involved, immediately fire these officers involved in this incident, have them charged and arrested, and utilize part of their pensions to payout on any lawsuit that will be brought forward.  I am also calling on the Manhattan D.A. Cy Vance to drop all charges against Mr. Crowell that were conjured up by the officers. Anything less will be considered a slap in the face to Black and Brown New Yorkers who want to live their life without experiencing consistent police violence. If we are going to combat violence, let us make sure that we combat police violence as well.”
*Anthony Beckford is a former City Council Candidate and the President and Co-Founder of Black Lives Matter Brooklyn and the President of the Brooklyn Chapter of Copwatch Patrol Unit.


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