ST. VINCENT: Magistrate recuses herself in a trial involving a government legislator


BROOKLYN, NY – A magistrate has recused herself from hearing the case in which two people, including a government legislator, Asheville Morgan, have been charged with the April 13 shooting of a businessman at his home.

“As magistrate for this case, I am obliged to recuse myself from this because Ms. Morgan happens to be family counsel for me and, therefore, I cannot fairly sit in this matter,” said Magistrate Zoila Ellis-Browne said

Morgan, the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, along with the Assistant Director of Public Prosecution, Karim Nelson, appeared in court Tuesday about the shooting of businessman Cornelius John. The prosecution and defense have agreed to a joint trial for them.

Morgan is charged with assaulting John to wound him, while Nelson is charged with wounding John and unlawfully discharging a firearm at him.

John is also charged with one count of using threatening language to Morgan and two counts of threatening to Nicole John, his wife.

The offenses were allegedly committed on April 13.

The three defendants pleaded not guilty to all charges against them when they were arraigned before the Serious Offences Court on June 27.

Attorney Kay Bacchus-Baptiste, representing John, told the court that she has a watching brief in each of the matters in which Nelson and Morgan are defendants.

Magistrate Ellis Browne has since transferred the matters to the Mesopotamia Magistrate’s Court for hearing on August, 27


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