SPICE(ing) Up A Revolution 


SPICE(ing) Up A Revolution

Dancehall icon and Love & Hip Hop Cast regular Spice put her gift of gab for a more significant cause recently leading protests down in Atlanta for Black Lives Matter and awareness to stop the unethical policing of innocent black people.

 Fellow Love & Hip Hop castmate Karlie Redd was by her side standing firm for black rights. The whole world has been revolting and protesting recently over the innocent African American and black people of all cultures getting killed for wrong reasons by law enforcement.


Black will forever be beautiful! This world needs to see that and embrace us for who we are! – Spice.


As with many of us, Spice has had enough! Being a black woman, she felt compelled to hit the streets of her home Atlanta, which is known as the new era city of black renaissance, to let the city and world know that black lives do indeed matter!


“My fellow black men and women have been killed for no reason and have been victims of a system against us for far too long,” the Jamaican star said passionately. “It’s 2020, and we are still protesting for our basic rights! I’m tired, exhausted from living in a world that cares very little about us. They want our culture but not us. Well, no more, I’m protesting, and I encourage everybody to join me in arms as we take on a system which only appeases to rich white people.”


A couple of years ago, Spice appeared to bleach her skin to show the adverse effects that colorism has on the black community, which was later to be revealed to be a makeup job. The message she sent back then shocking the world with the picture of her looking nearly white resonates today more than ever “the lighter you are the father you go.” Embracing the blackness of her skin complexion and her peers is something Spice wants the world to accept.


With the recent uprising going around the world calling for equality for black people, it’s refreshing to see celebrities with the worldwide pull, such as Spice leading the charge for positive change. The sort of change always comes with unity, now Spice has been added to the mix, and it’s diversified dramatically. BLACK LIVES MATTER, forever.




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