SDA’s successful medical mission to ghana


By Carlyle Harry

The Seventh Day Adventist’s Action Performance Commitment Medical/Dental team under the leadership of Dr Janice Emanuel McLean, a member of the Christian Fellowship Seventh Day Adventist church in Brooklyn, New York recently completed an- other Medical Mission to another developing country… is time it was Ghana.

The Motto of these mission are –”Realizing that by giving to the poor we are lending to the God, APC’s Medical/Dental Mission provides free comprehensive care in the promotion of health and wellness to the underserved peoples of the world.

It is in this vein that APC is committed to travel where ever in order to seek out and to serve without regards to ethnicity, religious persuasion, or socio-economic status.

The Mission’s dental team was directed by Dr Alan Woodson of Loma Linda University School of Dentistry. e team consisted of 3 dentists, Dr. Jean Mark Arsenault, and Dr. Jeffrey Pascal, 10 dental students, 2 hygienists and 4 support staff.

The Medical Team consisted of Dr. Bernard Newland primary care, Dr. Boateng Wiafe- Ophthalmologist and Dr. Kwame Sampong primary care, Dr. Janice McLean, Edward McLean- Psychologist, Dr. Yvonne Peters, Daphne Bobb (retired nurse) Frances Chow Cop (retired nurse) and Dianne Chewett.

The team was assisted locally by medical providers Dr. Obeng Fordjour Medical Director Koforidua SDA Hospital, Dr Eric Ameyaw- clinical Coordinator, Dr Senaru Abigail Mr Fical Officer, Patience Annaman- Physician Assistant, Ransford Wahiemeh- physician Assistant and Matron Gladys at the Koforidua site.

Thee first week was spent in Koforidua, in the Easter Region of South Ghana which de- pends primarily on commerce for economic viability. ere were over 3,000 patients seen and 270 dental procedures done, including extractions, cleanings and fillings. The common presenting conditions for medical attention were ulcers, GI problems, muscular skeletal ailments, diabetes, hypertension, constipation and malaria….Over U.S.$30,000 in medications and glasses were distributed.

Dr McLean presented daily health lectures and exercises to patients as they waited for services. A health symposium was also con- ducted, where the presenters were Dr Bernard Newland, Dr Janice Emanuel McLean and Dr Kwame Sapong. The presentations were well received by over 500 individuals at the Koforidua Central SDA church. Daily clinics were held at the Koforidua Seventh Day Adventist hospital. ere were over 325 patients screened for various eye conditions, 44 cataract surgeries and 14 other procedures were performed by Dr. Wiafe and his team from Operations Eyesight.

Dr. Wiafe reported that one patent was blind in both eyes because of cataract, he operated first on the left eye first, and after she showed great progress, the right eye was done… is woman was able to see and re- turned to clinic with a big smile, thanking the surgery team for the gi of sight. He also performed surgery on a man with a huge Pterygium. Patients were also given free eye glasses.

The second week of the mission was spent in Nkoranza District in the Brong-Ahafo Region of Ghana.

Thanks to Dr. PaulAmo Kyeremeh- President of the Mid North Ghana Conference of the Seventh Day Adventist church Pastor Attah Lawewnce- Nkoranza East District Pastor all the logistics were put in place for the provision of medical and dental work to the people of Nkoranza and surrounding villages. e daily clinics were scheduled to start at 9 am, but hundreds of patients turned up for attention much earlier than that.

During the second week, the Mission’s efforts were strengthened by the assistance of local medical professionals Dr Owusu- Optometrist,Dr Joseph Nimako- ENT, Dr James Moyambe- Primary Care, Dr Gideon Mensah Kusi- PrimaryCare, Kwabena Messah and Solomon Kumbunja- Pharmacists and committed group of young health professionals coordinated by Midwife Mavis Acheampomaa.

Over 3,500 persons received Medical Care, 250 received dental care, eye glasses were given to persons in need. e daily clinics were enhanced with health lectures and exercise classes that were conducted by Dr McLean and other re- source-persons.

Lay workers training was conducted by Abokin Inc (Friend of Africa) under the leadership of Elder Giles McGill of Kalamazoo, Michigan. Fiy seven Lay Evangelists were trained and 1, 500 “Power of Hope” books were distributed.

Topics dealt with during the lecture series included the 8 Laws of Health- Nutrition- Healthy eating, BMI, weight/height; Exercise- Benefits of Physical Exercise and Heart rate screening; Water- Benefits of water internal/ external and hydrotherapy, Sunshine- Importance of Sunlight to health, blood pressure and blood sugar screening; Temperance- abstain from things harmful to he body such as caffeine and alcohol and use moderately the things that are good for health; Air- benefits of fresh air and Peak Flow- lung capacity screening; Rest- importance of nightly rest and weekly rest for physical and spiritual refreshment, massage therapy for relaxation.

During a Health Exposition, Dr. Joseph Nimako provided Ear/ Nose and throat screenings, and Dr. Bernard Newland provided Medical counseling. Literature, tooth brushes and pens were given away.

The Dental group performed dental procedures on 100 patients. This mission trip will go down in history as the largest mission undertaken by APC Medical Mission Team….
Dr Janice Emanuel McLean remarked” we thank God for the opportunity to continue to be of service to poor centers of the world.”


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