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Readers might want to know what these Presidential clarications and walk-backs are all about.
They stem from remarks that the President made last week Monday(7/16) during a joint press-conference that he and Russia’s Leader Vladimir Putin were facilitating in Helinski-Finland…It was a er their 2and 1/2 hour one-on-one meeting.

Afer his responses at the press-conference bi-partisan elected offcials, current and former Intelligence personnel, and other interested personnel and groups accused Mr.Trump of putting-down members of his Intelligence community, while highlighting the stature of a historical adversary.

The swipes were so immediate and widespread that they pushed the President and his Communications’ Team to promptly make efforts to amend his original posture.

Columnist, Michael Good- win observed”President Trump clearly felt the burn from the restorm over his comments regarding Russia’s political meddling and moved quickly to try to x what he broke in Helinski; given the enormously high stakes, his sudden about-face was both welcome and complete.”

Journalists-Dennis Slattery and Nicole Hensley emphasized”the roller coaster of positions came amidst uproars over remarks that the President had made alongside Russian President-Vladimir Putin when he placed doubts on U.S.Intelligence agencies’ findings that the Kremlin had interfered in American elections.”

–Mike Morrell, a former top CIA Official, publicly urged intelligence leaders to consider quitting their jobs in protest.

–Former CIA Director-John Brennan raced to accuse the President of high crimes and misdemeanors, and warned that he was nothing short of “treasonous”.


The President’s Monday’s (7/16) statement was”Putin just said it’s not Russia…I will say this:I don’t see any reason why it would be”.

* In Tuesday’s (amended) statement, the President insist- ed that the sentence should have been”I don’t see any reason why I would(‘nt) or it would(‘nt) be Russia.

Of course, the President mentioned his pencilled in sentence on a prepared statement…”there could be other people also meddling, there’s a lot of people out there, besides Russians”.

The jury is still out, as to how far the ‘nt(s) are going to go towards reducing or eliminating the damage that President Trump had done to himself, his administration, the GOP, and the shudders that he caused among America’s NATO allies.

Of course, the nagging curiosity continues to be what is motivating or stimulating the President’s enthusiasm to befriend and please Mr.Putin, as well as what Russia might have on this President, especially since it was announced last week Thursday(7/19) that he had instructed Mr.John Bolton to extend an invitation to Mr.Putin to come to Washington this year’s Fall for a follow-up meeting.

–Some Advocates are calling on Congress to demand that Mr.Trump submits his tax-returns so that there could be possible searches for answers.

The President is also experiencing fierce opposition from his own Republican Party colleagues and some members of his State Department over a request from Mr.Putin to interrogate former U.S. Ambassador Michael McFaul and anti-Kremlin Financier-Bill Browder.

White House Press Secretary-Sarah Huckabee Sanders disclosed that Mr.Putin had offered Mr.Trump a deal in which the Kremlin would be allowed to question McFaul and Browder in exchange for letting Special-Counsel Robert Mueller interrogate the 12 Russian intelligence officers who have been indicted three weeks ago for hacking into the Democratic Party’s computer servers.

** With regards to that re- quest, e Daily News’ Editorial of Thursday-7/19 commented”so pliant is the President to Putin that he would not rule out a re- quest for cooperation in Russian attempts to interrogate nancier-Bill Browder and former U.S Ambassador-.Michael McFaul.”

In summary, although President Trump sought to clean up the toxic spill that occurred in Helinski, the rug at the Oval Office might still be plagued with thick radio-active sludge.

–Talk-Show hostess-Andrea Mitchell is describing this as a “very rocky phase for the
President and his White House.”

From Russia with love stretches from the Kremlin to tete-a-tetes with Mr.Putin. It involves Summits in Helinski and conflicts with local parties. Is Russia still an adversary, and a threat to the Democracy? In time we shall see.


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