No support for anti-gang legislation


BROOKLYN, NY– Police Commissioner Gary Griffith says “petty politics” took precedence as opposition United National Congress (UNC) legislators on Friday night failed to support an extension of the Anti-Gang legislation the police had said was necessary for the continued fight against criminal activity in Trinidad and Tobago.

“Unfortunately, petty politics, yet again, takes precedence over doing what is right for the country. We just arrested a major person of interest involved in gang activity. Over 70 in the last few years. It was a major deterrent that contributed to over 115 fewer murders this year compared to the same period last year.

“It seems that this bill was an issue for some politicians. Heaven forbid, if and when gang-related murders increase, I hope that those who rejected the bill would be prepared to answer to their God and the citizens of this country,” a dejected Griffith said in a social media message after the Parliament failed to give the green light to the 30-month extension of the legislation that was first introduced by the UNC-dominated People’s Partnership government in 2011.


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