* Island Reopens to International Travelers on October 31st*

The Nevis Tourism Authority (NTA) in collaboration with the Nevis Ministry of Health (MOH) announces the launch of an island wide “Health Campaign” on October 13th, 2020.  The comprehensive campaign harnesses the creativity and resources of both governmental bodies to educate and train citizens, residents and stakeholders on health and safety protocols that curb the transmission of COVID – 19 and prevent community spread, while instilling confidence in potential visitors as the island prepares for reopening.  The campaign components include training, Public Service Announcements (PSA’s), billboards, jingles and intense promotion across all social platforms.

To promote the “Health Campaign”, six PSA videos were recorded by Hon. Mark Brantley, the Premier of Nevis and Hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams, the Junior Minister of Health, along with prominent business professionals, encouraging everyone to observe the protocols.  These videos will be shared across all social media platforms and local television.  Additionally, a separate catchy jingle was created for radio broadcast.  Specially branded Nevis Naturally facemasks created by the NTA, will be available at the ports on island.

Another component of the campaign is the strategic placement of nine billboards in high traffic locations, stickers and banners at the airport and seaports with the messages – “Responsible Travel Creates Healthy Destinations!” and “A Safe Nevis Depends On You!”.  The billboards, stickers and banners reiterate the three central messages of the campaign: 

  1. Wear a mask when in public
  2. Sanitize and wash hands frequently
  3. Maintain Social Distancing

These three messages are visually represented by distinct graphic icons.  The campaign will be heavily promoted on all social media platforms using the hashtag #Today4Tomorrow.

The NTA and MOH have also successfully conducted certification training sessions for all sectors of the tourism industry starting with the Phase 1 “Sensitization Training” that was held for 1,300 participants.  Subsequently, the Phase 2 “Training the Trainers” workshop was conducted for 294 lead personnel at individual establishments, who can then instruct new hires when they are onboarded.  The establishments and operators that participated in the sessions will receive the Travel Approved Seal” which identifies them as having undergone the mandatory training to meet the minimum health and safety COVID-19 standards.  

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) assessed the risk for Covid-19 transmission to be very low and designated the Federation as a destination with “No Travel Health Notice” required for travel.  Nevis itself only recorded 6 confirmed cases with no deaths. As the island reopens its borders to international visitors on October 31st, the “Health Campaign” serves as a reminder to both residents and visitors that their health and safety remain the island’s top priority. 

For travel and tourism information on Nevis please visit the Nevis Tourism Authority  website at; and follow us on Instagram (@nevisnaturally), Facebook (@nevisnaturally), YouTube (nevisnaturally) and Twitter (@Nevisnaturally).


About Nevis:

Nevis is part of the Federation of St. Kitts & Nevis and is located in the Leeward Islands of the West Indies. Conical in shape with a volcanic peak at its center known as Nevis Peak, the island is the birthplace of the founding father of the United States, Alexander Hamilton. The weather is typical of most of the year with temperatures in the low to mid-80s°F / mid 20-30s°C, cool breezes and low chances of precipitation. Air transportation is easily available with connections from Puerto Rico, and St. Kitts. For more information about Nevis, travel packages and accommodations, please contact the Nevis Tourism Authority, USA Tel 1.407.287.5204, Canada 1.403.770.6697 or our website and on Facebook – Nevis Naturally.


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