Mid-term elections’ wrap-up


My constant analyses of political happenings here and in other parts of the world are catalysed, because (i)..Politics  follow us from the cradle to the grave; and 

(ii).. politics guide the present, while shaping the future.

After the staging of the mid-term elections on Tuesday, November sixth, a 

congressional split has occurred, the Democratic-Party has retaken the House for the first time in eight(8) years,and has vowed to rein in the President.

Fortunately, Americans like divided Government…as a reminder-(Democrats needed to pick up at least 23 seats in order to reclaim control of the House.)

— Journalist, Dennis Slattery reported”voters have been roused to the polls by revulsion toward Trump’s anti-immigration rhetoric and policies, as well as his efforts to dismantle health care protections that were enacted under (former) President Barack Obama.”

–Journalist, Chris Sommerfeldt opined”the high stakes’ midterm elections were widely viewed on Trump’s first two years in office, and Democrats consider their victory as evidence that Americans are fed up with the divisive agenda and hotheaded leadership.”    

–Veteran Democratic Strategist, Zac Peckanas viewed the Democratic Party’s victory as” a huge rejection of Donald Trump by key constituencies that the Republic Party needs to survive long term.”

— Long time GOP Consultant-Evan Seigfield stressed” the Democratic Party usually does really well in elections on a federal level when there has been some sort of mess up for the Republican Party, and in this case, the mess up is Donald Trump.”



In its attempts and efforts to rein in the President and place checks on him, the Democratic Party has to avoid appearances of Presidential-harassment, or over-reaches.

The Divided Congress could also spell gridlock, and reduce the President’s next two years in Office to a pedestrian period, even though former Speaker–Nancy Pelosi declared that she will strive for “a market place of bi-Partisan ideas and solutions.”

With the Democratic Party now in control of the House, one can anticipate a blizzard of interrogations, investigations, including impeachment…Those probes could include probes into the personal finances of the President, his family, and his associates.

–The projected chair-person of the House’s Ways and Means Committee has already indicated his intention to subpoena the President’s tax returns which he has long refused to release.

** Columnist-S.E.Cupp commenting on the Dems’ impending investigations predicted”the investigations, subpoenas and hearings coming Trump’s way will be the equivalent of a rectal exam, and there is little that he can do about it…The next few months will be bloody and exhausting for all of us, but for the President, they might just be too much to take.”


The BLUE wave did not reach the U.S. Senate, the Republican Party was able to increase its majority within that Chamber.

A Republican victory was almost guaranteed as the Democratic Party was defending nearly a dozen seats in deep RED States.

Retention of the Senate is going to make it easier for President Trump’s agenda, his judicial confirmations, and his executive Bench appointments.

–Allan Lichtman, a History Professor at the American University who gained fame for predicting the President’s 2016 win, disclosed that the GOP’s retention of the Senate”was primarily a referendum on Trump’s agenda, and also about him as a person and President.”


Voting-Rights became a major issue in some States, as (primarily) minority voters pointed to graphic examples of obstacles that were placed in their paths, in order to prevent them from casting their ballots.

Because of the long lines of voters that are seen on Election-Day, I believe that the time has come for the introduction and institutionalization  of early-voting.

–Early Voting already exists in thirty-seven (37) American States;…for example, for this year’s mid-term elections, 38 million persons had voted early. 

Early voting has the advantage of identifying dysfunctions such as broken scanners and Mal-functioning voting-machines, and having them fixed, repaired or replaced.

Trying to cram thousands and millions of voters into a single day, leads to and causes ‘chaos, confusion and madness.’

Early voting would allow constituents to anticipate and navigate poor weather conditions; and it will allow parents, students, seniors, working-folks and physically-challenged persons to vote according to their own schedules.

There is not just a need for early voting, there is a need to make it easier for constituents to register to vote, as well as to change registrations.

** In particular, New York State, because of its size and affinity to and for Modernization needs to introduce early-voting.


The Democratic Party has to address why it is continuing to struggle in (white) rural areas; while the Republican Party– on the other hand, has to figure out how it is going to acknowledge the reality of the changing Geography and Demographics which is witnessing the blackening and browning of America…Instead of Red, White OR Blue–It must become Red, White AND Blue.

** In other words:–

The mid-terms have gone

those elections are done.

The Democratic Party

has won

one administrative cushion

It is now about projections

for the 2020 elections’ season.


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