Marijuana conference to pitch investment ideas to the Cayman Islands


BROOKLYN, NY – The Cayman Islands recently, welcomed investors healthcare professionals and others working in the first CanEx Cannabis Investment Summit in this jurisdiction.

The summit is part of a series of conferences around the region,  during which experts will be offering an overview of the legal ganja industry, examining both challenges and opportunities.

The Cayman Islands’ Misuse of Drugs Law was changed in 2016 to enable doctors to prescribe cannabis oil for medical use in certain circumstances, but that is as far as legislators have been willing to go to date.

However, global attitudes are changing rapidly with the legalization of marijuana use in Canada for both recreational and medical use; it has also been legalized in some US states at varying levels and Jamaica has amended its laws and is seeking to become the central hub for the medical supply.

This summit  – that ends on Friday, includes a panel discussion, with investors speaking about the global opportunities as well as regional ones and how the industry is developing.


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