Lions Clubs Elect New International President- Douglas X. Alexander


Lions Clubs from over 200 countries voted for Douglas X. Alexander as their 2021-2022 International President. 

Alexander is a proud Brooklynite who has been serving as a Lion for over 35 years with the Bedford Stuyvesant Lions Club. 

On the corporate side, Douglas X. Alexander is a retired vice president for J.P. Morgan Chase Bank. 

This newly elected President is no stranger to community work outside of his Lions commitment. He served as chairperson on the advisory board for NY Urban League and as a board member for St. Francis DeSales School for the Deaf. 

Over the decades, Alexander held many offices within the Lions club, including a district governor and international director. He also received many awards for his community service, including Dr. Franklin G. Mason Fellow, the Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow, and many more. 

While serving as the 2021-2022 president to 1.4 million members worldwide, Alexander’s programs and initiatives will focus on four key priorities for Lions International that are critical to their mission of service:

Douglas X. Alexander
  • Building the capacity to serve.
  • Supporting Lions global Foundation-LCIF.
  • Putting Lions heart into their service.
  • Communicating with their communities and each other. 

Overall, Alexander is known for leading with his heart. His career and life have been defined by his family, a passion for service, and his commitment to inspiring the next generation of leaders. 

“Always remember that the small things you do as Lions are as important as the big things.”- Douglas X. Alexander. 

Douglas X. Alexander with members of the Queens Community Lions Club at Russo on the Bay while celebrating his new position.


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