LICA blasts GCB, BCA counterparts over no-show

LICB president Enoch Lewis.

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – The Leeward Islands Cricket Board has slammed a decision by  Guyana Cricket Board and Barbados Cricket Association representatives not to attend last Sunday’s scheduled Annual General Meeting of Cricket West Indies; accusing the respective bodies of “bringing CWI into such disrepute.”

In a strongly worded release, the LICB said it was “afflicted, perplexed and horrified” that the BCA and GCB would have skipped the crucial meeting, resulting in its postponement until April 11 to a lack of a quorum.

The postponement meant the highly anticipated presidential elections could not take place.

“The Leeward Islands Cricket Board (LICB) is saddened by the events of [Sunday] at the CWI Annual General Meeting (AGM),” said the LICB, which veteran administrator Enoch Lewis heads.

“The absence of the representatives from the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) and the Barbados Cricket Association (BCA) at the AGM forced the postponement of the CWI AGM to 11th April 2021.

“The LICB is deeply troubled, perplexed, and horrified that the BCA and the GCB, which are globally recognized for producing some of the greatest cricketers to have played the game, were comfortable bringing CWI into such disrepute.”

In a statement Sunday, the GCB said its main reason for the no-show was because CWI had “failed to conform with the statutory requirements of the Articles of Association and present the audited financial statement of CWI.”

According to the GCB, financial statements should have been sent to shareholder bodies 14 days before the meeting to be approved by directors, and this was not done “for the first time in decades.”

“Non-presentation of the audited financial statement raises serious questions of accountability, transparency, and the management of CWI finances during the tenure of the Skerritt/Shallow administration,” the GCB argued, adding its representatives were ready to attend any scheduled meeting once “once all requirements and notice periods are satisfied.”

GCB secretary, Anand Sanasie, was expected to challenge incumbent Ricky Skerritt for the CWI presidency at last Sunday’s AGM. Running mate BCA board member Calvin Hope set to come up against vice-president Dr. Kishore Shallow.

The LICB, however, which has thrown its support behind Skerritt and Shallow, disagreed with the GCB’s assertions.

“We are confident that all processes and procedures were followed leading up to the AGM, wherein all LICB representatives, as well as representatives from Jamaica Cricket Association, Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board, and Windward Islands Cricket Board of Control, were present at the meeting and ready to engage in the pursuit of the betterment of West Indies Cricket,” the LICB said.

“The LICB hopes that both BCA and GCB will be present at the AGM scheduled for 11th April 2021 and will fulfill their obligations, thus allowing due process to take place.”

Only eight representatives – two each from the JCA, LICB, TTCB, and the WICB – were present for the 10 am start of the virtual AGM, falling short of the nine members required for a quorum.

According to CWI, subsequent attempts to reach the missing representatives proved futile, leading to the meeting’s adjournment at 10:50 am.

CWI said both the GCB and BCA had confirmed attendance 24 hours earlier.

The LICB contended the latest developments reiterated Skerritt and Shallow’s need to remain in charge of the regional governing body.

“[Sunday’s] turn of events reinforced this decision proving why Skerritt and Shallow are the only and right choice to lead CWI at this time.”


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