If music be the food of love,

Your contribution, like a dove,

Created heights among all Guyanese,

Paramount, yet peaceful above the

soughing coconut trees

A century has passed, however your

works live on

Pundits of the art-form claim you won

Your birth date of February 12th.

nineteen nineteen

Rebounds in 2019, like a canon supreme

Your ability, inspiration and vision to toil

A true daughter of New Amsterdam soil

To every man, woman, girl and boy

You brought melodic fruits of lasting joy

We will always remember your musical slate

Yes! We pause to hail and celebrate

Your masterpieces, the renowned

“O Beautiful Guyana”

“Arise Guyana” and your famed “Kanaima.”

Extreme melodic creations and originality

Captured the heart of your niece Cicely;

and Oh! So many

As crotchets and quavers brought


Demonstrating patriotism and calm to

our nation

Your opus soothing like a breath of fresh air

Your renditions, still nurtures our atmosphere

Your great brilliance and nimbleness of mind

Punctuated melodious patterns, one of a kind

Accomplishments dedication with a

unique chart

Charmed by the spirit of your noble heart

Both harmonic and melodic cravings to dance

Left indelible imprints of scholarly prance

Licentiate of the Royal College of Music in 78’

Versatility in Jazz, patriotic and classical

music was great

Heartfelt motivation, rendition after


Brought us solace, composition after


Composer, extraordinaire and grand maestro

Names associated for the genius, virtuoso

Your African traditions of imaginative


Were inherited and launched by your

Kemetic musical aristocracy

Difficult as poetic lyrics seem to appear

Your grace and unique style did never wear

      — By Edgar Henry


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