Handling black/brown needs


Readers, it seems that every second and fourth year, when Congressional and Legislative Elections become due in the United States of America, we are subjected to absorb similar catalogues of problems and grievances that are being faced by black and brown potential voters.

–Catalogues of problems and grievances that the Aspirants customarily promise and undertake to solve within the shortest possible period of time; but yet the situations seem to remain the same.

The promises and undertakings come and go, because what the Candidates fail to explain, is that they cannot by themselves do much in terms of introducing and passing Legislation,–since their initiatives need the support from the House and the Senate in order to become Law(s).

Then those Laws have to go through additional Bureaucratic paths for successful implementation.

Hence, potential voters should demand that Political-Aspirants only take on common-sense,  realistic, and do-able promises and undertakings….Especially those that focus on constituents short-term and long-term needs.

{To support my point, the Leadership of the Democratic-Party has just announced that it was going to visit various zip-codes which President Trump toured in 2016, remind public’s about the promises that he made to them on various campaign visits; and how the latter were fulfilled or not.}

I believe that Presidential Candidates and other Office-seekers should approach their tasks with the utmost humility, by being prepared to listen, and being equipped to leave voters with various degrees of light, faith, and hope.



The measurements or litmus tests that potential voters ought to apply, are to assess what percentage(s) of pre-election promises or undertakings are actually kept when the electoral races are over.

In fact, I believe that the time has arrived for potential voters to call upon their elected Officials for deliveries within specified time-frames, and if necessary initiate sanctions on those elected Officials.

I shall now attempt a (random) SUMMARY of promises that are being marketed and promoted (for example) by the long slate of Democratic Candidates who are competing to be the Party’s 2020 Presidential Nominee:

• Continuing to attack and solve economic and financial inequities and inequalities especially through pragmatic and realistic taxation and re-distribution policies;

• Restoration of strong Trade Unions which will effectively negotiate for, and obtain living-wages and improved conditions of employment for the workers whom they represent;

• The accomplishment of paid vacation, sick, and family-leave; upgraded training in order to keep publics abreast of technological changes and occupational demands;

• Eradicating the demonization of women;

• The conduct of publicly-funded and uniformed elections which would eliminate influences from Special-Interests, foreign countries and rich individuals/corporations;

• Rehabilitation and repairs to the Nation’s infrastructure, as well as the construction of new components where necessary;

• Healing racial, cultural, and economic divisions within the American society;

• Imposing Gun Regulations ;

• Legalizing medicinal and recreational marijuana

• Passing Immigration-Reform with a path towards Citizenship, as well as taking care of the DACA personnel;

• Meeting with Latin and Central American leaders in order to correct the circumstances that are causing some of their populations to seek assylum in the U.S.;

• Addressing criminal-Justice reforms and cases of police brutalities towards non–white persons;

• Reductions of incidents of voter-suppression, and ensuring that each vote is counted;

  Termination of the electoral College, and its replacement by simple calculations of the popular vote around the country;

• Feasibility-studies into instituting REPARATIONS for descendants of slaves;

  Medicaid/Medicare for all;

• The provision of increased affordable-housing units;

• Reducing the trillion dollar debts that are associated with student-loan repayments;

• Making tuition free at State and Community-Colleges;

• Enacting physical adjustments to address the (environmental) threats or climate-change; rejoin the Paris Accord and other Alliances;

• Helping to rehabilitate American territories and allies that have been damaged by (recent) natural disasters;

• Resuscitating trust in Governmental Institutions and Agencies;      and realizing equal pay for equal work.



Colleagues-Ask your


How long is the wait

for their promises

and satisfaction of our wishes.


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