Haiti:Journalist and singer released by kidnappers


BROOKLYN,  NY – Kidnappers have released two people, including journalist Frantzie Siméon, abducted on Sunday night.

The authorities have confirmed that the National Television of Haiti was released three days after her abduction. Still, they gave no details as to whether or not a ransom had been paid for the release of the journalist.

The authorities have also confirmed that former Gabel band singer Jean Junior Marcelus better known as “Money G,” who was kidnapped 28 days ago, was also released.

They also gave no information as to whether or not a ransom had been paid.

But the police are still searching for Mackenley Mogene, an employee of the Directorate General of the Budget, and his brother. On the evening of Thursday, September 23, they were kidnapped at the Turgeau gas station by unidentified individuals.

Several countries, including the United States and Canada, have issued travel advisories urging their citizens not to travel to the country as political instability, crime, especially kidnappings, have increased.

Last weekend, the Haitian National Police said it had launched several operations to curbing the number of kidnappings in the country and had arrested three gang members and shot and killed one other person.


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