Haitian ambassador seeks help on Wall Street

Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce founder and CEO Duvi Honig (left) and Haiti’s Ambassador Gandy Thomas.

(BROOKLYN, New York): In a plea to help the Haiti crisis, that is presently engulfing that Caribbean country, Haiti’s Ambassador Gandy Thomas came to Wall Street to ask the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce founder and CEO Duvi Honig, for his help to create international awareness to help stimulate the Haitian economy.

At the recent 44 Wall street meeting Ambassador Gandy Thomas said “Haiti has always been a friend of Israel and that Haiti helped to form the state of Israel for the Jewish people and now is asking the Jewish state to be there for Haiti in its moment of crisis.”

“Now is the time that Haiti must be empowered, and we need the help of the Jewish community and the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of commerce to create awareness and be there for us”, the ambassador went on to say. And, all of this rings true, since it was Haiti’s vote that helped to make Israel a state.

Now, 70 year later, Israel returns this help to the Haitian people to enable them to establish infrastructure in getting jobs for the 60 per cent of Haiti’s millennial population, take control of the 48 products that Haiti presents in the Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM), including the 80% of its rum, seafood, coffee, and textiles.

The government and people of Haiti have supported the Orthodox Chamber of Commerce since its inception and continues to count on the Chamber to deliver value, and further build on this relationship to create awareness and to co-ordinate and link businesses in Haiti to the Orthodox Chamber of Commerce.

“Haiti is not asking for a hand-out” the Ambassador said adding “Humanitarian help will not solve the problems of Haiti. Haiti is asking for philanthropy and for the establishment of structures that can create jobs.”

In response, Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce President, Duvi Honig, lamented on the BDS movement (boycott, divestments and sanctions) that continues to hurt Palestinians in the Israel economy.

“It is the business of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce to show that 70 years later, the Jewish community can show interest to a country that stood for us,” President Honig said. “We will continue to demonstrate the benefits of effective partnerships in empowering and building relations with countries like Haiti.”

The Orthodox Jewish Chamber of commerce is a global umbrella of businesses of all sizes, bridging the highest echelons of the business and governmental worlds together. The Chamber brings the unique dynamic of the Jewish community economy to the attention of world leaders, and helps them devise policies that would be beneficial to developing states like Haiti.


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