GUYANA:Foreigners are given preference for jobs in the oil sector


GEORGETOWN, Guyana–  A union that represents workers in the local oil and gas sector has voiced concern about the number of foreigners being employed in the industry,

In a statement, the Guyana Agriculture and General Workers Union (GAWU) said it was shocking to learn that foreigners continue to penetrate the local oil industry and prefer Guyanese workers.

According to the Union, while there are reports that Guyanese are not qualified to do specific tasks within the sector, Guyanese workers can undertake jobs that are also being given to foreigners.

The Union said it recently learned that a well-known foreign company had recruited foreign nationals as drivers, mechanics, and other trades, which are jobs that could have been undertaken by locals.

Additionally, another firm has been bringing in people to serve as laborers.

GAWU reminded that Guyanese are competent and skilled enough to be given jobs in the oil sector. Recently, several Government Ministers implored oil companies to hire sugar workers who were displaced.

GAWU said locals continue to be treated less favorably than foreigners in the sector and have been forced to operate under poorer conditions. The Union said it considers the treatment of Guyanese workers disrespectful and discriminatory.

Additionally, foreign workers benefit from housing, subsistence, and other allowances, while local workers are not provided with the same.

The Union said it hopes that the Government can pay attention to Guyanese involvement in the sector in the Local Content Legislation.


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