GRENADA:Court of Appeal rules in favor of Prime Minister in lawsuit against opposition politician

    Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell

    ST. GEORGE’S, Grenada – The lawyer representing Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell, Tuesday said that the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal had dismissed an application by an opposition politician to file a defense in defamation; lawsuit brought against her by his client.

    “Claudette Joseph has lost the appeal against Prime Minister Keith Mitchell in a judgment handed down by the Court of Appeal today,” said attorney Nigel Stewart.

    “In effect, the Court of Appeal has reaffirmed the judgment of the High Court in awarding judgment against Claudette Joseph about defamatory comments made about the shrimp farm project,” he added.

    In January last year, the High dismissed Joseph’s appeal after she missed the deadline set by the Court and Stewart sought a judgment in default.

    Mitchell had filed the lawsuit after Joseph had claimed that he was an investor in the failed aquaculture shrimp farm project. She had pointed to a social media video to support the allegation.

    Mitchell denied being an investor in the project and approved the Citizenship by Investment (CIP) project.

    Under the CIP, foreign investors are granted citizenship in return for making a substantial investment in the island’s socio-economic development. In March 2019, the government announced an investigation into that project after it failed to materialize.

    In December 2019, Mitchell’s lawyers wrote to Joseph demanding that she cease repeating the claim, apologize, and pay compensation for EC$350,000 (One EC dollar=US 0.37 cents) within seven days of receiving the pre-action protocol letter.

    “Regarding the ruling given in the Court of Appeal today in the case between Keith C Mitchell and me, the matter is with my lawyers as I await the written judgment of the Court,” said Joseph, an attorney. He once served as the public relations officer for the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).


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