Global Tours aims to make travel to Guyana a tropical breeze


The Global Tours and Travel Company aims to make travel to Guyana a tropical breeze for the Guyanese Diaspora living in North America and beyond, along with other foreign investors, business persons, and vacationers wishing to take advantage of Guyana’s new and boundless investment opportunities. 

Countries from all over the world have recognized the central role and significant contributions that their overseas Diaspora communities have made and the much greater degree to which they could be involved in aiding their countries to achieve their development goals. 

With Guyana, it has been no different; Guyanese have migrated to virtually every corner of the globe, but more so to the United States and Canada, which have now become home to a significant number of Guyanese who left the country of their birth for new opportunities and a better life. But they have always maintained a strong connection with their homeland despite the physical distance and time passage. And over time, legions of these overseas-based Guyanese have made return visits to their land as tourists, to reconnect with their families, some as investors and others even as re-migrants, contributing in no small way to the social and economic growth of the country.  

Now, however, the economic tide is changing in favor of Guyana. The country is becoming an attractive investment destination due to the budding oil and gas industry; with 16 successful oil finds in less than five years, more than 6 billion barrels of oil reserves, multi-billion barrels of additional exploration potential, Guyana is now on an upward trajectory towards unprecedented economic growth and for which the Guyanese Diaspora can and should play a significant role in this development. 

The country’s rapid development shall not only depend on oil and gas but on transforming the agricultural sector into a value-added and mega-production sector, developing its world-class eco-tourism potential, and exploiting mining opportunities among so many other emerging sectors. 

With the abundance of investment opportunities in the country, especially in the private sector, which is now a key player in the growth trajectory, more Guyanese in the diaspora and foreign citizens, shall be arriving in Guyana either to work, visit, or to invest. Therefore the focus should now be on putting systems in place to welcome these persons and ensuring that their visits to Guyana are carefully handcrafted, well organized, and flawlessly set out and executed, all within their specified budgets.  

This is where and why the executive leadership of the Global Tours and Travel Company, headquartered in Guyana, decided to turn their attention and to place considerable emphasis on; that is handling everything for the diaspora and foreign citizens needing to travel to Guyana from the booking of flights and hotels to coordinating rental cars and meetings, allowing these new Guyana bound travelers to focus on the purpose of the trip and to forget about the logistics. 

The Global Tours and Travel Company or GlobalTT is a journey and destination management company set up to global power travel for Guyanese everywhere. It consists of a team of passionate travel experts who bring a wealth of expertise and experience to the travel management business to Guyana. And they don’t rest on their laurels: their knowledge is refreshed with frequent trips to inspect what they know and to seek out new places to visit, places to stay, and things to do.  

GlobalTT has been planning and executing business and leisure travel management solutions for Guyanese at Home, wishing to travel to various destinations working across time zones, hemispheres, cultures, and languages. 

Now that the GlobalTT journey and destination management company has decided to become a part of the thrust to welcome Guyanese investments and investors from the diaspora as they share the view and expect them to have a significant role in the development of Guyana, their passionate experts shall be launching several unique and exciting initiatives to make a success of all of their trips from cities where there are significant concentrations of the diaspora, on to Guyana whether they are traveling for business or vacation, using their wealth of expertise and unparalleled global network of partners in the travel industry.  

Not in the mood for a White Christmas this year? Well, the Chief Business Development Officer for GlobalTT Leonardo Sardiñas Tápanes, in recognition of the fact that the holiday season draws Guyanese who live abroad back home, says that it is not too late to plan an escape to Guyana this year and swap the snow for some sun for Christmas and the New Year, as they are now offering from non-stop flights to affordable lodging so that the diaspora could celebrate Christmas with true Guyanese traditions, music, and authentic indigenous foods in Guyana. He said the company knows Christmas is an exciting time and that the only thing that could make it better is a great vacation, which is why they are offering with immediate effect a variety of packages that will get persons home for the holidays.  

Another incredible offer that GlobalTT is making to the diaspora at this time, according to its Chief Business Development Officer, is specially tailored visits for the Guyanese diaspora to experience the World Expo that is currently underway in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. 

With Destination Guyana being showcased as a leading eco-tourism destination there, and participating under the theme, ‘Home of nature-Land of opportunities’ at the Expo, which has begun on October 1st, 2021 and which will run up until March 31st, 2022, there could be no better time for Guyanese from all over to travel to and visit Dubai, than during that spectacular six-month showcase of the best the world has to offer. For the first time in the history of the World Expo, Guyana is managing its pavilion where apart from using the opportunity to market its tourism product, it highlights its investment opportunities and displays a wide range of its locally manufactured products that are available for the world market. 

‘GlobalTT,’ in collaboration with the significant Emirati airlines for which it has partnerships, has put together several value-added travel packages for the diaspora so that they could experience the Dubai Expo based on a wide range of budgets and preferences. Arrangements are in place to be flown out of Boston, Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Los Angeles, New York JFK, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington D.C., and Toronto, Canada. They will travel directly to Dubai.  

As part of all the unique travel packages, hotel accommodation with great rates and excellent amenities and airport transfers are included. Additional concierge services shall also be offered to all clients at all airports of departure and the Dubai International Airport, including meet and greet services, premium airport lounges, auto rentals, ground transportation, etc. 

After getting a taste of all of the world in one place during their visit to the Dubai Expo, including of course the Guyana pavilion, the Global Tours and Travel Company will allow them to immerse themselves even further into the sights, sounds, tastes, and thrills of the United Arab Emirates. As part of the global, packaged tours for Guyanese visiting the World Expo in Dubai, they will offer visits to the glittering landmarks and attractions of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, including Desert Safaris on ATV Quad bikes, on Camels or in 4X4 Jeeps for adventure seekers, for shopping aficionados visits to the Mall of the Emirates, the Dubai Mall, and the Souks and Markets are offered for retail therapy; city tours are provided of the old and new Dubai where persons will travel by air-conditioned vehicles to visit places like the  Dubai Marina, the Burj Al Arab, and mega-tall Burj Khalifa, the world’s highest tower. They will delve into historical Dubai with visits to Al Bastakiya, Dubai Museum, and the Gold and Spice Souks. Visitors to Dubai’s Theme Parks, Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, IMG Worlds of Adventure, Aquaventure Waterpark, and the Dubai Dolphinarium will be offered for the younger family members. 

Chief Operating Officer of GlobaTT Tyler Orderson informed this newspaper that from the first time someone contacts his company to the moment they return, GlobaTT strives to ensure that every part of the service they provide to be exceptional. He indicated that the company whose official website can be found at and Facebook page at Facebook/Global-TT-Global-Tours-and-Travel is offering the diaspora and others wishing to visit the options of single-destination trips to Guyana and multi-destination trips where they can combine their visits to Guyana with other destinations in the Caribbean and Latin America. The company is also offering the diaspora destination wedding packages and honeymoon holidays in some of the best places in the world to get hitched, including Jamaica, Cuba, and Mexico, cruises, and trips to other great vacations and shopping destinations.   

Mr. Orderson said whether it’s a tailor-made trip crafted from scratch, a pre-designed vacation, or a group tour, their experts, which can be contacted via email at, WhatsApp at +1592.650.7696, or regular telephone +1592.626.7250 will listen to your requirements and create an incredible travel experience based on your personal preferences. 

The Chief Operating Officer of GlobalTT says that he believes that the secret of making anything successful in life is passion and motivation. He is so proud of the power his team of multilingual, globetrotting, dynamic producers has brought to the destinations they sell, love for travel and discovering new places, passion for the company, the brand, and for creating an unparalleled global network of partners with some of the major airlines, hotel chains, auto rental companies, tour companies, executive airport lounges, and other travel service companies around the world. They ensure that all aspects of their travel products are vetted and exceed expectations.  

Tyler Orderson, in positing the view that travel is different now, stated that they have ensured that their entire team has been vaccinated. They expect the same from their travelers and suppliers as they do their best to have everyone stay safe and healthy. GlobalTT, along with their travel partners, are committed to providing the diaspora now and in the future the information, resources, and flexibility so you can book and travel to Guyana with confidence and peace of mind. 


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