Edward King In Civil Court Race U.S. Army Veteran. 35 Years of Legal Practice. Sports Enthusiast and Family Man


Edward King In Civil Court Race

U.S. Army Veteran. 35 Years of Legal Practice. Sports Enthusiast and Family Man




Attorney Edward H. King is a candidate for Civil Court judge in the upcoming June 25th Democratic Primary. The field isn’t crowded since this is a two person race that pits King against another attorney, Derefim Neckles. What is striking about the race is that it’s the very first time in over a decade that a Black male is in the race. CARIBBEAN TIMES NEWS recently sat down with Attorney King to see what drives him and why he thinks that he’s the best choice for the Civil Court Bench.


CARIBBEAN TIMES NEWS: We want to thank you for taking the time to sit with us and to tell our readers, especially those in the Central Brooklyn Caribbean – American community, why they should vote for you in the upcoming elections.


EDWARD KING: Thank you its my pleasure.


CTN: Well, first let’s talk about your qualifications. Tell us what makes you eligible and qualified to sit on the Civil Court Bench?


EK: Thanks for the question. I believe that qualifications for judge – any judge – is not simply a nice subjective resume, and a list of organizations and memberships in legal and related groups – important though that is. I also believe that voters want to know about you and what are the principles and values that will guide you on the Bench. For starters I have the experience. I’ve been a practicing attorney for 35 years now. For all of those years I’ve been defending ordinary Brooklynites.


CTN: So exactly what in your view are the things that qualify a person to be a judge outside of the necessary and required law/legal education, court experience, and advocating for your clients?


EK: Three things: Character, fitness and temperament. I believe that a judge should exhibit the very highest standards of behavior and have the judicial temperament along with this. Judicial temperament means that a judge exhibits “compassion, decisiveness, open-mindedness, sensitivity, courtesy, patience, freedom from bias and commitment to equal justice.” It is from these necessary qualities that my campaign is built– Commitment, Experience, Fairness and Respect.




A skilled litigator, Edward also provides legal counsel on transactional matters focusing on real property, landlord/tenant, bankruptcy, trusts, and estates. In recent years with the rise of predatory lending and the housing crisis, in his usual no-nonsense fashion Edward litigated many cases on behalf of clients faced with the prospect of losing their homes. As appellate counsel, he has argued numerous appeals in the Appellate Division. And as a corporate counsel, he has advised the Housing Development Fund Corporation tenant shareholders of the legal, financial and ethical obligations of cooperative ownership and management.


In addition to private practice, Edward has also served as an Administrative Law Judge for the Parking Violations Bureau where he adjudicated administrative and statutory violations of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law. As Legal Counsel to the New York State Assembly, he provided counsel on legislative policy and constituent issues. Edward has been appointed in Supreme Court to serve as a fiduciary in numerous real property and contested litigation matters.


A firm believer in the principle “to whom much is given, much is required,” Edward generously gives his time to community service. He is a former treasurer of the 1199 Housing Corporation, a 1500-unit apartment complex in East Harlem, where he resided in the early part of his career. He regularly participates in “Know Your Rights” forums sponsored by civic groups and churches to educate especially “at risk” communities throughout the city about legal issues. Since 2017, he has served as a pro bono (without pay) attorney in the New York County Lawyers Association’s Certificate of Relief from Civil Disabilities Project. Edward is a founding member and Deacon of Brooklyn Community Church. He is also a member of the church’s Legal Committee which sponsors an annual Law Day program to encourage dialog between members of the bar, Bench, and community. In 2017, Edward received the “Man of the Year” award in recognition of his pro bono work at Brooklyn Community Church.


CTN: Wow! We need got get back to your record as an attorney with such a diverse and varied background. What’s your take on endorsements? Candidates always make a big thing about that.


EK: While bar association memberships and endorsements are very important, they do not define what qualifies an individual to be a judge.  And yes, I am a member of a number of legal organizations, including the Brooklyn Bar Association, but my candidacy for the Civil Court is also based on my life experiences and the strong principles that have guided me throughout my 35-year legal career- trustworthiness, fairness, compassion, equality before the law and respect for others. 


As a direct beneficiary of the Civil Rights Era, I understand injustice and unfairness first hand and have dedicated my life’s work to advocating for clients and individuals protecting their rights, and serving my community. This is the experience and learning that I will bring to the Civil Court Bench. I will be a judge that YOU CAN TRUST to administer the law with FAIRNESS and IMPARTIALITY. In a word, you’ll get a fair shake in my courtroom.


CTN: Devoted family Man married for 27 years with three adult children. Your wife, Kathy is a New York State Supreme Court judge. She’s the daughter of Caribbean immigrants from the island of Montserrat so you, who was born in Harlem, have gotten the best of both worlds. You are also in your own right a serious community advocate. Is there anything else that Brooklyn’s voters should know about you as they make up their minds in the upcoming democratic primary elections on June 25?


EK:  First I would like to urge every eligible and qualified voter to exercise your democratic right and go out and vote for the candidate of your choice. I hope I’ve made my case for your vote and support. I’ll close by letting you know that I’m a member of the Brooklyn Bar Association, New York County Lawyers Association, and New York State Trial Lawyers Academy. I’m also a lifelong basketball enthusiast and has been a basketball referee, for numerous leagues, including the Catholic and Public School Athletic Leagues. I continue to be an active member of the Sports United Borowide Officials Association for 35 years, serving as the organization’s legal counsel for over a decade. I’m also an avid reader and self-proclaimed news junkie.


CTN: Attorney Edward King thanks for your time and good luck!


EK: Thank You!



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