Cuba: Remarkable recovery of the health system in the capital


HAVANA, Cuba, Sep 14 (ACN) After the devastation caused by powerful hurricane Irma that affected almost all of Cuba, most hospitals in Havana already have power, said Dr. Reynol García Moreiro, director of Public Health in Havana.

In conversation with journalists who visited the Salvador Allende medical surgical clinic, the manager explained that those institutions in the territory are connected to the national power grid, and only two percent of them are kept running with the generators.

García Moreiro said that in Havana there are 30 hospitals, more than two thousand doctor’s offices and family nurse, 82 polyclinics, and 340 pharmacies, among other facilities.

He said that the Cuban State has the necessary resources to carry out the recovery, after the passage of Irma that lashed Cuba last week.

The Salvador Allende clinic, in the capital, seriously damaged by the fall of trees and problems of electricity, reestablished that service as part of the recovery actions.

In this regard, Dr. Mery Torres La Hera, deputy director there of Medical Assistance, explained that only the hemodialysis room was missing power, which continued providing service to the patients with the generators during the hurricane.

In a tour of the national press specialized through that institution, Torres La Hera told ACN that they have 23 artificial kidneys and currently about one hundred people with chronic renal failure receiving this vital service every other day.

The clinic has 432 beds and at the time of Hurricane Irma, 154 patients were admitted, including six in intensive care, who received the care of paramedical and medical personnel, said the deputy director.

Currently there are recovery efforts, explained Torres de La Hera, who recognized the urgency of state entities mobilized and the support of their staff to reverse the damage in the shortest possible time and ensure care.

According to Jorge Omar Pordieguez, director of Investments, Maintenance and Engineering Systems of the Ministry of Public Health, the main damages reported in the country in this sector are roofs, light decks, perimeter fences, glassworks, windows and flood damage.

Among the institutions that were damaged by Irma in the capital are Hermanos Ameijeiras and Salvador Allende hospitals and the America Arias, explained Pordieguez.


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