Clarke Statement on Trump Decision to Suspend DACA Applications

Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke

WASHINGTON, DC– Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke issued the following statement after the Trump administration issued a suspension on new DACA applications:

“After the Supreme Court ruled that his previous attempt to terminate DACA could not proceed, the Bigot-in-Chief and his xenophobic Administration has cobbled together a new plan to make the lives of young immigrants more difficult. Donald Trump campaigned on ending DACA, and this decision should serve as proof that he is willing to use even the smallest authorization of his power to end this program.”

“45 has spent the last three and a half years of his term demonizing and denigrating immigrant folk of all backgrounds. From his ineffective wall to calling immigrants ‘an invasion of our country’ to caging young children at the border, this President’s cruelty knows no bounds.”

“Attacking DACA recipients is the latest move of an unpopular President facing electoral defeat. In an attempt to excite voters who relate to his pattern of xenophobia and racism, he has issued this policy as a cheap dog-whistle. DACA recipients are Americans, plain and simple. This President said that he would put ‘Americans First,’ but he has repeatedly shown us that the only Americans he is interested in defending are the ones who share his background. I will continue to stand by our beloved Dreamers, even when this Administration refuses to.”


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