Caribbean Airlines collaborates with exporTT to bolster the export industry


BROOKLYN, NY– Caribbean Airlines Cargo and exporTT – the national agency that seeks to diversify the export sector through the growth of non-energy, manufacturing, and services exports in Trinidad and Tobago – have formed a strategic alliance to connect businesses to regional and international markets better.

The areas of focus for the partnership will be information sharing, incentives, and joint export promotions, Caribbean Airlines said in a statement on Monday.

Through the alliance, first-time exporters from Trinidad and Tobago will benefit from discounts of five to ten percent off freight to and from destinations served directly by Caribbean Airlines Cargo. Additionally, discounts of five percent off freight will be offered to all exporters on samples’ shipment to these destinations.

“The development of the export sector will boost Trinidad and Tobago’s country’s recovery from COVID-19 related economic challenges,” said Caribbean Airline’s Head of Corporate Communications, Dionne Ligure.

“We look forward to building resilient linkages with exporTT in support of local exporters, with the promise of seeing our economy return to prosperity. Caribbean Airlines Cargo offers some of the most competitive rates to both exporters and importers.”

General Manager of exporTT, Dhanraj Harrypersad, said the service enables new and existing exporters to get their samples out to potential partners and make their first shipment.

“We are happy to partner with Caribbean Airlines Cargo in supporting our clients to explore key markets in the Caribbean and North America where there are high concentrations of Caribbean Diaspora,” he said.


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