Book explores cultural diversity among children


Keena Anthony and Shamfa Tittle–have recently published a children’s book entitled ‘I’m An American Too!’

Given their background as the proud children of Caribbean immigrants, their existences as black women, and their desires to educate children,–this book is the product of all of those experiences and factors in today’s global and socially conscious world.

The book is geared toward emerging readers, new learners of English, and readers between the levels of Kindergarten and third grade.

The writers’ hope is that this book can become one that is used to initiate or support conversations about respect for cultural diversity among children.

This book can be found on Barnes and Noble’s website. ( under it’s title search: I’m an American Too!

About the authors:

Keena Anthony is a special education teacher from Queens, New York. She was born in Brooklyn to parents who emigrated from Guyana, South America. Shamfa R. Tittle is a seventh grade English teacher from Wappingers Falls, New York. Born in Cleveland, she is the oldest child of her parents, both of whom were born in Antigua, West Indies.


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