the Caribbean and Caribbean American Women in Media You Need to Know

Caribbean and Caribbean American diaspora women have a diverse community within a unique perspective of worldviews. With different voices, this group of women displays how Caribbean uniqueness itself is written. We will consider several contemporary writers for consideration.

CME Staff Writer; Written in part by Rocky Parker / July 3, 2019

Born October 17, 1984, in Trinidad and Tobago, Jamie Alleyne-Morris immigrated from New York. She began blogging in 2011 under the premise of “A Human Experience From A Caribbean Perspective.” Alleyne-Morris provided a voice for the entertainment and Caribbean LGBTQ+ community. But left her concept behind in 2018 to relaunch into a mental health advocate. Her blogger name “Jay Blessed”, Jamie’s goal was “to bring positivity and healing, by discussing and uncovering issues that deeply affect the diaspora but is often disregarded or blatantly ignored.”


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