Taking risks is a must in the music business. This means moving beyond your chosen style and trying something new and setting yourself apart from other musical acts by learning to be a multi-talented artist.  If your music sounds are influenced by different genres, your songs will have a much broader appeal. Take, for instance, Justin Bieber’s most recent boost in popularity. His previous albums were profoundly rooted in R&B. However, after collaborating with electronic dance DJs like Diplo and Skrillex, Bieber has gained fans from both sides of the table. Some were even convinced his new sound was more “tropical house” or dancehall/reggae-influenced, particularly referencing his 2015 Billboard hit “Sorry.”

Incorporating various styles of music can help you identify and connect with people who share similar tastes. For reggae singer K’coneil who has been making music professionally since 2013, has subscribed to this mantra. For him, fusing genres and sampling various styles of music and tones are all part of his approach, and his sound is apart of his musical identity he likes to refer to as being “genre-fluid.” The term “genre-fluid” he classifies as “comfortable fusing rhythms, genres and sounds fro. Reggae, dancehall, pop, and R&B. “K’coneil found his strategic angle by trying not to stunt his musical talent by sticking to one style.

According to Billboard record producer Seanizzle, “K’coneil has a blend of Sean Paul and Usher, I see K’Coneil as the promissory voice of the future. His dancehall flavor mixed with the pop yet edgy appeal is one that makes you want to dig a little deeper and hear more.”

“K’Coneil makes music that reflects this blend of cultures organically without feeling forced or contrived. He has carved out his own lane within the music space, with a “genre-fluid” style that’s sure to catch the ear of the wide world” – Rob Kenner Music Journalist/Complex, Boomshots, Mass Appeal.

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