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Island girls, it’s time to get in this beauty formation!

Cover your lips with the colorful moods of the islands with Stay Golden Cosmetics; a two-year old Caribbean owned and NYC based beauty brand that has the West Indies in their beauty formation. Former fashion model turned beauty boss; Danielle Edmond, leads the charge as Founder and CEO.

SGC’s latest collection “Island Girl” which was released on May 2019 calls court in homage to Caribbean creole culture through pungent lip colors with titles you’ll recognize. The collection features 22 Matte Lip Shades and 14 Glosses with names such as Jamrock, Tobago, Stupes, Bacchanal, Hot Gal, Summa Body and more. Stay Golden Cosmetics is proudly operated by Island Girl immigrants from across the Caribbean, so it was very easy to understand from where the inspiration derived.

“The Island Girl Collection is completely rooted in culture and honestly, our formula is top notch. It took us two years to get our formula right. Not only does it have the perks of being truly cruelty and paraben free, but it also smells so yummy. The entire presentation is authentic,” notes Danielle Edmond. “The Island Girl Gloss Packaging was an image I took in Negril on my phone. It’s a photo of a sunset that took my breath away. The Island Girl Matte Collection is also a sultry purple sunset that had me in awe. Every part of this Collection was done with so much love, care and dignity that we would not have launched it if we weren’t entirely proud of it.”

According to the Beauty Visionary, “All the shades of the collection tell a unique story which is what makes this collection so special and nostalgic.” In an interview with Caribbean Times, she was quick to point out that everything about the campaign reflected, was inspired completely by the Caribbean culture. The music, the style, and the attitude. It’s just a vibe!

“It was so much fun naming our gems. Once we formulated our core shades, we named them based on what came to mind first. We formed a case study group which comprised past students of The Queens High School in Jamaica and explained exactly the direction we were going in – Island Girl. I remember when we showed a particular shade, the response was right off the bat was “raeee”. So we had to name our very loud red lip gloss Raeee; the name truly reflects the shade,” beamed Edmond.

Stay Golden Cosmetics has been very successful in their growth for a company only two years old, and can quickly be included on the list as one of the newest leading beauty brands out of the Caribbean. SGC wants to connect more with the Caribbean and the Diaspora along with their global growing following of 256k+ from all platforms. “While we are so appreciative of where we are right now and, thankful for the community that helped us get here, we would love to grow more by expanding into our Caribbean family,” remarked the CGC Founder and CEO.

Persons interested may shop for the full Stay Golden Cosmetics ‘Island Girl’ Collection at and like them on Facebook or follow them on Instagram @staygoldencosmetics.


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