FOX 5 NEWS in collaboration with STUDIO 5 has something special lined up for Dancehall and Reggae fans as they will be showcasing a full-length feature highlighting both Dancehall and Reggae talents both present and past.  “KINGS AND QUEENS OF DANCEHALL” hosted by FOX5 reporter Lisa Evers, delves deep into the history of Jamaica’s vibrant music culture by featuring Reggae greats like Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff and Buju Banton and how the genre of Reggae birthed the popular more urban genre we come to know as Dancehall music. The 30-minute feature is an enlightening and sightful piece for those who love and enjoy the Jamaican music culture and for those who are interested to learn more about the culture. Lisa Evers sat down with industry insiders such as Author/Photographer Beth Lesser and Massive B Disc  Jock/ Media Personality Bobby Konders and Dancehall Analyst Shakira Mitchell from JARADIO TV whom all gave insightful accounts on how impactful Dancehall/Reggae culture has become. With the production assistance of PLAYBOOK  MG contribution with the artists line up, “KINGS

AND QUEENS OF DANCEHALL” will be taking a look into the current careers of big names representing both Reggae and Dancehall such as Vybz Kartel, Spice, Protoje, Koffee and Beenie Man.

The feature airs tonight on FOX5  channel.


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