Meet Marie Coke, an Exciting New Voice in R&B and Reggae 

Up and comer Marie Coke is wowing audiences with her unique sound. In particular, her voice stands out as distinct with a smooth quality and an easy tone complemented by the music and melodies she writes. Her laid back style translates beautifully to R&B and Reggae, giving way to a fusion of multiple sub-genres, including what is described as neo-soul. Marie was born in Trelawny, JA and raised in nearby St. Ann, before moving to the United States as a teen. The transition proved difficult at first, more specifically being undocumented made for an additional struggle when it came time to apply for college and get a job. Fast forward, she is now a citizen, a resident of New York, and also the owner of a local Bronx based business. Marie Coke’s approach to music is low-key and synergistic. She sends an overarching message of truth and self-love. Part of the joy of doing her job is sharing this vibe and encouraging others to be the best versions of themselves while also putting herself out there. Her favorable lease on life is contagious and causing positive friction that can’t be denied. Moreover, she is an independent artist and has been working on a six-track EP, much to the delight of fans. Music industry insiders can look forward to this new chapter in the rising star’s burgeoning career. Her dedication to her work and practice of a healthy lifestyle helps her to maintain her rigorous schedule, including exercising and traveling.


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