(BROOKLYN, New York): The Caribbean Moringa Cultural Group recently wowed a Brooklyn audience with a cultural production that focused on showcasing the rich Caribbean culture of folklore and African heritage. 


Called “Orishas Yard” the show demonstrated the interplay between (key African Deity “Orisa” and God of Thunder and Lightening) Shango and his three wives. According to all reports the show and its electing dramatization were well received by a captivated audience. The very spirited African dance sequences were a refreshing, entertaining enactment and captivating choreography of African history and heritage.  Renditions of folk songs also served to compliment and enhance the show.  


“We got many positive reviews of this event that is proof of a resounding success. Patrons left satisfied and most are looking forward to our next production,” a spokesman for the group told CARIBBEAN TIMES NEWS.  

The CMCG was founded by Ms. Jan Woodroffe in June 2017 for the specific purpose of harnessing the potential talents of Caribbean Americans in respect to the performing arts.  The group’s mission is to encourage the revitalization of Caribbean culture particularly in the fields and disciplines of music, song and dance.  The Caribbean Moringa Cultural Group is made up of nationals from many Caribbean islands, South America and the USA.

“This was our second annual show, and we look forward to the local New York community’s continued support of our future endeavors!  We want to thank all the performers who helped to make the show a success – including Pan Rockers Steele Orchestra, arranger; Sundiata Kingand, story teller, Wendall DeRiggs, Pet Jeremiah and the entire production crew that worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth implementation,” the group said.


The Caribbean Moringa Cultural Group is available for limited engagements. For more information contact Jan Woodroffe at (914) 565-2478.


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