Readers at the commencement of this article, let me remind that wide media-publicity has already been given to the corrupt indulgences that were (allegedly) utilized by some rich and famous parents (in collaboration with various categories of College-staffs and examination-takers) order to get their ‘ineligible’ children’ into reputable Colleges.

–Those media-disclosures were issued on Tuesday, March twelfth, and they described the manner(s) in which the monies were manoeuvered to facilitate the corrupt (admission) practices.

The rich and famous parents did their manipulation(s) with the use of a middle-man, bribes, cooperation from athletic-coaches and the scamming of tests.

At least nine athletic-coaches, and 33 parents–many of them prominent in Law, Finance, Fashion, Food and Beverage, and other fields were charged…The parents are being described as a catalog of “wealth and privilege.”

Journalist Evan Mandery noted that College Admissions’ Offices tended to take notice of financial donations to Colleges that they were employed at…He added that every time that rich persons BOUGHT their children into Colleges, while ordinary and hard-working children were being victimized.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Boston which is indicting and prosecuting a significant percentage of the parents who have (allegedly) used bribes to get their children into elite Colleges–stated”this is the largest College admissions’ scam ever prosecuted in this country…It implicates athletic coaches, examinations’ administrators, and uber-wealthy parents across several American States.”

–Spokespersons from that Office admitted that the inquiries were continuing.

–U.S. District Attorney for Massachusetts–Andrew Lelling observed”there can be no separate college admission system for the wealthy, while honest, genuinely talented applicants are being rejected.”


(i).. It is being contended that one of the major attractions and enablers towards corrupt practices within the College Admissions system as well as the evaluation of students is the financial and material greed that is being followed by the Owners and Administrators of Colleges.

They never stop begging, and it appears as their appeal-buckets have no bottoms.

I do not know why rich and privileged parents took such circuitous, risky and indictable routes in order to get their children in into prestigious Colleges, when it appears that they could have easily made a sizable financial/material  donation to the Institution;

(ii).. Colleges maintain such reliance on incomes that are generated by their student-athletes that it is easy to bend admission guidelines and rules in order to recruit real ones as well as pretenders.

Unfortunately, those committed and hard-working

student-athletes are forbidden from accepting financial compensation or material gifts; while their Managers and Coaches pull in hefty annual salaries and conditions of employment;

(iii).. It is being suggested that Federal and State Governments should intervene and investigate why and how Colleges retain practices of fund-raising appeals, and place limits on the fund-raising devices that are utilized by Colleges and Universities, as well as whether those committed and hard-working student-athletes should continue to give up their labor without any compensation(s);

(iv).. Then curious minds want to know what is going to happen to those current students and graduates who were admitted to Institutions via corrupt means.         


In summary, getting into an elite College requires good grades, high test scores, a dynamite essay, and years of hard work.

However, those ingredients do not seem to apply to some of the children of some of the rich and powerful who are willing to grease palms in order to gain entries to Colleges of their preferences.

The pluses of the publicity that is being given to these occurrences are that they are going to prompt deeper investigations into admission practices and strategies that have been employed by various Institutions.

–For example, some popular Artistes and Actors have already been dropped by their shows and advertisers.


  In other words:–

Getting into College

should not be a privilege

for the rich and famous

to be on campus

or at a University

through parental dishonesty.


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