Readers, the AMAZON (Valentine’s Day) reversal of its decision to make further investments in New York,has brought into full focus and fiscal consideration/analyses, what is of greater significance to the masses and working-persons.

The ideological considerations and analyses bring back into focus, what is of greater concern(s) to the ordinary person, Ideological concepts and mouthings, or WAGES and SALARIES within the wallets of those at the BOTTOM rounds of the ECONOMIC ladder.

–Those who are STRUGGLING to make ends meet.

….For instance, a majority of the 25,000 potential persons who were expecting jobs from the Amazon Deal admitted to pollsters that they wanted that Deal.

A major mis-understanding surrounding the Amazon deal, was the belief that the $3 Billion were in a paper-bag, waiting to be handed over  to the Corporation; and thus could have instead been handed over for redirection in payments for schools, subways, parks, public-housing and road-repairs…etc.

One would have thought that by now, the newly-elected (Democratic-Party) Ideologues and their associates/advocates would have grasped and digested that Amazon was merely following traditional and current methods of doing business within American and other environments…I shall provide (below)appropriate examples and quotes .

The major Corporations usually extract massive forms of incentives such as tax-holidays; prime lands; (guaranteed) cheap-labor; and the absence of certain interventions like advocacies for Trade-Union representation.

Then as several third-world Governments keep discovering, many of those major Corporations disappear to other lands when those incentives expire.

–But the reality is that the hands of Government and Administrations are tied, because they have to provide jobs for their inhabitants.

** As Jonah Goldberg puts it, “when types like Amazon do not get their way, they simply take their ball and go home, this is why the race among cities to bribe businesses to set up shop in their back yards has a lot of problems.”.

Columnist-Betsy McCaughey wrote on(2.20.19)”..Just minutes after Amazon spurned New York, officials from New Jersey sent the Company heart-balloons, cup-cakes and  a card saying’NJ & Newark still love you-Amazon’..”

A review Board chaired by legendary lawyer-Clarence Darrow admitted”In industry after industry, the larger units for their own advantages wrote the codes, and then in effect and for their own advantage, assumed administration of the codes that they have framed.”

** Finally, Timothy Carney recently wrote”Economic dreams only become real, if the Government forks over billions and billions of dollars and incentives to major Corporations, because when the Governments hug big businesses, big businesses hug them back….And their embrace leaves the rest of us in the cold.”


In order to support the view on $-PRAGMATISM, I consider it necessary to reproduce .pertinent pieces of criticism that were shared (publicly) via ‘(newspapers’) LETTERS TO ,THE EDITOR.’

{Again I opt to RELY on the utilization of Quotations–because (i)… They lend some amount of credibilty to my expressions; and (ii)… Why have two, when ONE can do.}

Readers, you might notice that  all of the excerpts that I am using, include the name–.Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, that is because the new Legislator has been awarded the title of the ‘modern radical’ of the Democratic Party.   

(i).. Jeannie Reed wrote”To Alexandrio Ocasio-Cortez, I am now old enough to remember

being as idealistic as you are today about how great America could be, if only all the wrongs could be righted….I am now old enough to have learned that people cannot eat dreams…At the very least, the mastery of facts is the only antidote to the danger of unrealistic dreams.

A point of fact,–a $3 billion tax savings do not mean that there is $3 billion out there just waiting to do good in district(s);

(ii)… Ramon Martinez scripted”How can Rep.Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez screw New Yorkers out of 25,000 jobs, and say that we ..are not worthy of them….Is she going to provide us with those jobs? “

(iii)… Steven Lehrman contends”AOC–you owe New Yorkers, 25,000 jobs.”    and

(iv)… Francesco Perez is asking”Why is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez running her mouth and celebrating that Amazon pulled out of a proposed Headquarter in NYC, taking with them 25,000 jobs and plenty of economic growth for both business owners and real-estate negotiators.”

Mark well, in an ideal world, we would all like to be working in accommodating/well paying jobs with adequate conditions of employment, but unfortunately, we are not existing in an ideal world.


A frank reality
is that registers only
take money,
Registers don’t take ideology
or well-sounding
philosophies .
We cannot support our
with ideologies and advocacies.


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