Off course you can

You can indeed ultimately, undoubtedly succeed

And be able to satisfy all of your desires and needs.

You can be that person that you so longed to be,

Give yourself a chance, and be amazed at what you see.


You can be that star that never ceases to shine,

And enjoy the bliss of being all natural and genuine.

You can be that person that’s forever on the rise

Do take the chance, you may be pleasantly surprised


You can be that self that you are proud and happy with

And look closely as your dreams and reality starts to fit.

You can be that person of strong will who’s never weak,

Just be brave enough to take that very important leap.


You can be that vision of hope that you wish to be

And see yourself  bloom and grow just like a tree.

You can be that person that isn’t thrown down by a fall,

Because in you possess the ability to conquer it all.


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