You have left us Mr.President ,

You left at the designated hour.

You are visiting the tower,

You are going to join Barbara.

You had us brave the weather

many days of December,

You made us hear over and over

that you were the Family-Anchor

You were an Aviator,

You were a Navy-Officer,

You were an Ambassador,

You negotiated NAFTA.

You ended the Cold War

You healed Russia and America.

You were a father-figure,

You were a religious believer.

You loved laughter,

You had a sense of humor,

You were a regular.

You were a keen observer,

You were a Mentor,

You were a comforter,

You were a donor,

You gave to him and to her.

You love to write letters,

as you read the Newspapers.

You were a copious note-taker,

You were a keen records-keeper

You adored the ball-players

You were an average golfer.

You acknowledged failures,

You did not bow to pressures,

You respected nature.

Gone are the ushers,

Gone are the  choirs,

Gone are the Pall-Bearers,

Gone are the well-wishers,

Gone are the cameras

You have ended your earthly era.

— By Carlyle Harry


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