Dear Editor,

I offer my deepest sympathy to the people of Pittsburg for the loss of their fellow citizens who were merely worshipping God on a Saturday.

That horrible incident is only the latest in a long list of tragedies that have been inflicted on people of Jewish Faith.

The people of this Nation should come together to stop the incendiary rhetoric from all sides that gives fodder to these crazies.

We should put aside our hatred for one another, and try to live in peace and harmony.We can only hope that collegiality from all will stop future horrors.

Meanwhile, the senseless murder of innocent people in a House of worship will again bring up the subject of gun-control. I do not own a gun, or believe that they should all be banned, but I do believe that no one should be allowed to own an assault-style rifle, except our military.

The time has come to ban these types of weapons in order to prevent them from getting into the wrong hands…Enough innocents have lost their lives.

 — Richard K.


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