(BROOKLYN, New York): The United Nations said it stands in solidarity with the people of Trinidad and Tobago and pledged to aid in whatever way possible after flooding destroyed many parts of north-east, central and south of the island earlier this month. In a statement the UN said it pledges its support to the country’s recovery efforts.

“The united nations stands in solidarity with the people and government of Trinidad and Tobago as they confront the impact of ongoing rain and floods.” It extends sympathies to all who have been affected and pledges its support in the country’s recovery efforts.” The UN also commended government on its prompt emergency response and management of the situation. The world body said its agencies in Trinidad and Tobago are collaborating with line ministries to deliver aid.

“Currently, United Nations agencies in Trinidad and Tobago are collaborating with their line ministries providing technical advice, identifying areas needing immediate attention and developing strategies for longer-term relief and recovery. These agencies are further prepared to scale-up their tangible support and practical assistance and, to this end, they are liaising with non-governmental and other intergovernmental organizations to share expertise and identify areas for cooperation.”

“The United Nations will continue these efforts as long as required and stands ready to mobilize all additional, available resources that may be needed in support of action to address this emergency,” the UN communique said.



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