As I strolled past the open fields in the countryside, taking in the crisp, cool morning air, I was drawn to a young lad no more than 18 years goofing off with a young pretty lass who squealed in delight as he playfully chased her around the field. Then he pinched her on her ample derriere as she jumped in delight and laughed out loud. I paused, jolted back into my cosmopolitan existence as visions flashed before me of self-righteous  divas yelling sexual harassment and pious, hypocrites willing to tar and feather a youth for a playful, innocent action as if it was a prelude to brutal rape.

Yes, I inwardly mused, I could hear them screeching about how men sexually objectify women and how this devalues women only as sex objects, baby factories, and second class citizens. Ah, I Abraxas the Tolerant, now understood that raunchy male catcalls, a hitherto staple of the male species, compliments on modes of dress or staring at a woman is now an evil thing in modern society. So where does healthy physical attraction between the species start? Where does it end? Is the quest for “women’s equality” and a level playing field built on man shaming?

And Lo! I say on to you the denizens of the earth that men and women are not born equal. Yes, men and women are all born, for the most part, between urine and feces; are helpless hairless bipeds at birth, and are dependent on their mothers (and fathers) for sustenance, care, and nurturing. But this I say to you, that’s where the equality ends. Men and women are hard wired differently; are physically different. And yes, I Abraxas is a man. And I tell you this: Men and women COMPLIMENT each other. But they are not equal.

Men are physically stronger then most women. Firefighters – 99.9 percent are men – rush into burning buildings; pick up people weighing over 200Lbs and shimmy down ladders in rescue mode. Women are unable to carry out this feat. And yes, men work at the most hazardous and dangerous jobs that women are either not suited to or physically unequipped to do. And I, Abraxas the Reasoned, say this: Take not these statements as the conclusion that women are inferior or less than men. But physical strength is but only one measure of unequalness. Few women could compete with the late great Mohammad Ali in the boxing ring, or with LeBron James on the basketball court (maybe they could compete with Steph Curry). Still, men may not be able to handle the pain of childbirth or the unconditional love of her child – no matter what.

But we, as men, are protectors of women and our daughters. I, Abraxas the All-Knowing, say this to you: respect women, recognize their worth and admire their uniqueness. Ah, if I were a Biblical man I would say this without fear of contradiction: Man was made (so the Bible says) from the mud of the earth. We’re at best “mud men!” Is that hilarious? Why do you laugh? But women? They were “FORMED!” And so as men, I say this: appreciate the various forms, shapes and sizes of women that should fill your heart with amazement and wonder! Me? Abraxas the Mighty, says to you thusly: I fall in love each and everyday – constantly and indiscriminately!

Still, levity aside there is a tendency in both men and women to pull down each other. Men have called women “whores, sluts, hags, Jezebels, bitches, bad seeds, harlots, strumpets, women of ill repute, hookers and prostitutes.” Women have called men “cads, womanizers (funny there are no “manizers”), dogs, philanderers, bed-hoppers, cradle robbers, dicks, jerks etc.” So there is enough name-calling and demeaning to go around. But in today’s world of “girl power” there is the tendency to equate female empowerment with a corresponding “man shaming.” There is a dangerous tendency to build up and promote “women’s power” by shaming and degrading men. And so I say to all you women: Do not become the very thing that you hated.

Today, in these modern times, I, Abraxas the Powerful, have ruled that it’s indeed a liberating time to be a woman when compared to eras past. But I warn you modern-day Divas: When it comes to being politically correct, men and women are equals but that liberation shouldn’t go to your heads. Yea, even as culture has widened what’s acceptable for a woman today, it hasn’t allowed as much room for men.

And it is good that you and every young girl are upgrading and redefing what it means to be a woman in what is still “a man’s world.” Guys are still expected to be MEN. Every woman wants her guy to be a man but many modern ladies struggle to allow him that space. Worse yet, in an effort to be his equal, you act to rob him of his manhood altogether.

Why do women so readily accuse men of having “anger management issues?”  Do you not know that anger is a legitimate emotion in the face of injustice?  And is not clear to you that passive acceptance of evil is never, ever a virtue? Why is it that whatever negative emotions a man demonstrates are immediately assumed to be unjustifiable?  Why do you so readily accuse him of being bitter? Or need to get over his anger at women? Or being so negative? How does this degrading and demeaning of men empower you?

Is it liberating to accuse men, without any justification, of being a misogynist? Why is it that a simple disagreement goes off in a tangent and all of a sudden men are “mean spirited, hate women and are insensitive to the plight of women?” In these modern times the smartphone has spawned a relationship nightmare! Women (and some men but women more then men) have decided that liberation and empowerment is synonymous with monitoring and micromanaging their men’s every move.

So I, Abraxas the Magnificent, say this to you: Never in the history of manhood has a guy ever liked being bossed around. Just like you, in these modern times, the right of every man is to do what the hell he wants to is sacrosanct. Know this all you Divas! It’s bad enough a man has to give up that freedom in the name of love and now you’re forcing him to relive that sacrifice with every decision he tries to make. That’s just plain cruel. Its Like asking him to move that heavy couch or computer table from one side of the living room to the other, on his day off – no less, then hovering over him, critiquing, instructing, and directing him where to grab and how to lift it! He probably just wants to bolt!

Finally, listen and learn! I say to you most men are the allies of women in their quest for liberation and fairness. We, men, have been guilty of many, many odious and bad things. We’ve made killing our human brethren an international pastime, we go to war, we do horrible things all the time. Men are naturally competitive and are not emotionally predisposed as women. We misread, misunderstand, and fumble relationships and many times let our lustful nature – yes, I say to you – men are lustful, get the better of us. And sex is a powerful thing that makes men behave stupidly. But all this does not negate the fact that there is a lot of good in us.

Know you and listen to the words of wisdom of I, Abraxas the All-Wise, that “man shaming tactics” are simply emotional devices meant to play on a man’s insecurities and shut down constructive debate. They are designed to elicit sympathy for women and to demonize men who ask hard questions. Most, if not all, shaming tactics are basically ad hominem – personal attacks. To you I say: Resist them in their entirety.


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