By Carlyle Harry

New York State Assembly Speaker
Carl Heastie

New York State Assembly SpeakerCarl Heastie expressed his displeasure over the disadvantages
that were being caused by the Partisan divisions that now exist within the State’s Assembly.
Mr. Heastie expressed those remarks as he addressed a Discourse
last week Thursday night that was sponsored by the Thomas JeffersonDemocratic Club, in CanarsieBrooklyn.
Mr. Heastie who represents the83rd. District in the Bronx pointed out that difficulties with arriving at compromise within the Assembly,were affecting basic humane issues like how to treat juveniles in the criminal justice system, cheaper higher-education for the State’s young people, as well as bail-reform.
The Speaker gave several examples of mistreatment that were continuing to occur because juveniles
upon arrest were being wrongly incarcerated,while charged persons
were suffering in jails because they could not afford exhorbitant bails.
Mr.Heastie reminded the audience that included several electedOfficials, that bail was not meant to be a form of punishment, but should be viewed as a mechanism to ensure that charged persons returned to court to face trial.
Mr. Heastie confirmed that he was continuing to pursue efforts to increase the wages, and improve the conditions of employment forNew York’s workers; while seeking to make it easier for the State’s children to benefit from higher education.
The Speaker urged his colleagues who were present at the Forum to act according to their beliefs and consciences, and not be governed by polls and editorials.
He acknowledged that persons who work the polls on election days had to be better compensated in order to attract and retain qualitative staff.
He added that with the pending closure of the Indian Point Nuclear Plant, two solvents had to be addressed,(i)was that plant currently
supplied 25% of (Downstate) NewYork’s electricity; and alternative sources of employment would have to be found for the displaced workers.
The Speaker disclosed that
members of the Assembly were constantly consulting with Governor Andrew Cuomo to address
those solvents.
In closing, Mr. Heastie agreed that greater efforts had to be made to hasten the clean up of New YorkBorough’s streets after snowfalls


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