The border control treaties between the two island Nations have benefited Haiti to the detriment of the Dominican Republic. Thus, since 1929, the territory of Haiti has expanded by 6,200 km2, stresses the historian and former secretary of the armed forces Jose Miguel Soto Jimenez, in his book “Geopolitikeando, compendio de geopolítica para presidentes”.

“What we can verify is that over the years, Haiti has gained territory and that the Dominican Republic has lost.” He explains that from 1492 to 1697 Spain maintained the sovereignty of the whole island, or 76,192 km2. From 1697 to 1777 the territory was reduced to 55.654 km2 then in the years 1777, 1801, 1802, 1822 and 1844, 1829, the Dominican territory was reduced to 54,642 square kilometers.

From 1929 to 1936, the territory of the Dominican Republic was again reduced to 50,070 km2 and from 1936 to 2016 the area of the Dominican Republic was reduced to 48,442 km2. Or since the separation of the island a series of corrections of 7,212 km2 in favor of Haiti.


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