Dear Editor,

Given the decade long series of child murders that New York City’s Administration for Children’s Services has repeatedly failed to prevent–including Nixmary Brown, Elisa Izquierda, Myls Dobson, Zymere Perkins, Jaden Jordan, Mikey Guzman and Zamair Coombs, I feel compelled to unofficially rename ACS with the following :Asses Committing Serial-Killings.

Sure, the physical murders were actually administered by these children’s monstrous mothers, fathers, and mothers’ boyfriends, but they were all enabled by a series of ACS commissioners and workers(not to mention mayors who also bear much bucks-stop-here responsibility).

If anyone of these murders had in fact been committed by an actual serial killer, could we ever punish him enough, but none of the many ACS employees who played any role in any of these deaths have shared in the immense suffering of these young victims in the hours, days, weeks, months or years leading up to their deaths.

Mayor de Blasio should be ashamed and angry enough to finally put an end to cases like these that do not have to continue happening.

— Richard Siegelman.


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